Crotch Mahogany, P.I. (rinkhals) wrote in self_lovin,
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Coming into our own

I can't believe I haven't made an introductory post yet, I meant to do it last night. Hello fellow wankers! I don't have much to offer at this point but I would like to say that if anyone at any point has any ideas for interests, icons, or layout, just let me or our Mistress Jade know. Same if you know anyone who wants to join, since the community is private.

Okay, maybe I will offer up a little giftie . . . here are a couple links to some great lists of terms for male and female masturbation. A lot of these I'd never heard, and some are really stupid, but it also makes for a great read. Heh heh, "bleed the weed."

Also, all of this started with an unofficial "weirdest/most inappropriate place" contest, and I'm not sure which of us won (what do you say guys?), but if you think you can defeat us come and have a go!

Go wank young soldiers!
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