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getting off...getting off....

he's in my pumpkin pj's

i touch myself
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Wank with us, not on us.

this community is sekrit.

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anywhere everywhere, ascii orgasm hearts, at museums, at school, because you can, being a bitchtease, being needlessly loud, being very very quiet, blindness, caulking the rim, choking the chicken, colonel angus, department store changing rooms, destressing, fish tacos, hairy palms, i touch myself, in all 50 states, in front of children, in front of family, in tandem, in the woods, it's just a myth, jackin', jillin', juices, kink, kyaaaa!, masturbation, moaning, oh god yes!, on a plane, on couches, on my school bus, on the phone, on vacation with you, oops! there goes my..., other people's beds, pocket pool, porn, porn 'n chicken, remote controls, rolled-up martha stewart magazines, rosie palm, safe sex, self-service, sex can wait masturbate, shiny knuckles, shopping trolleys, sigma masta beta, swivel chairs, the o face, tight jeans, toys, unnnhh, until your knees wobble, use your fingers, wanking, while the roomie's away, while your parents sleep, whilst driving a car, with a friend, with door-to-door salesmen, with toothbrush holders